How is it likely that a kid that struggled all the way through school to write and read, would have the courage to write and post it publicly? It isn’t very likely.

Over the past year I have been wrestling with the idea that I should share what God is doing in my life through writing. It is not that I don’t want to share what God is doing in my life. If you have spent any bit of time with me, you know that I love to talk. There are 4 things that I love talking about: What God is doing in my life, my beautiful wife, my sweet Nora Rae, and the amazing group of students I have the honor to lead. So the plan is to share through writing, even though I am slightly terrified.

WARNING ENGLISH TEACHERS: I don’t necessarily worry if it is grammatically incorrect or whatever, I just write what is on my heart. All I know is I want to be obedient to Jesus. Period.

So as often as I can, I will be writing to share how God is working in my life, my marriage, my journey as parent of little girl, and as a student pastor. My prayer and hope is that these words would spark life change in the name of Jesus.

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